Top 3 teqball table.


Teqball is an amazing equipment that “revolutionalizes” football based sports. It brings together two awesome sports namely; soccer and table tennis. The teqball table is used for 5 sport activities.

Teqball was invented in Hungary in the year 2014 by 2 football lovers. A computer scientist named Viktor Huszar and a former professional player named Gábor Borsányi.

How exactly did this dynamic sport come to the limelight?


Teqball is obviously a ball sport but it’s played On top of a curved table joining the concepts of table tennis and soccer.

The competing players hit the ball (soccer ball) with every part of the body except the hands and arms. Two players can play against each other (singles games) or 3 to 4 can play against each other (doubles game).

The game is brought to international limelight by an association called the FITEQ which stands for Fèdèration Internationale de Teqball.

It has even drawn the attention of top-class soccer players such as Ronaldhino, Neymar, Benzema, David Beckam…. and many more. The game may soon feature in the Olympics.
It’s a game that boosts one’s stamina, concentration, and technique.

The board is designed in a solid manner so the ball will continuously bounce off the surface, you can play it uninterruptedly. The design + rules make it very hard for one to win by luck, you just need a little bit of skills.

However, beginners are more than welcome. I just warm you that if you try this sport, you will become addicted. This is what happened to me.



How much does a teqball table cost?


The price of the teqball table depends on the model. In general, the price varies between 500 and 3000 USD


Comparison of the top teqball table

The table is of 3 types;

Teq 1, Teq smart and Teq lite which is ideal for leisure centers, parks, football clubs, beaches, etc. It’s also friendly for disabled persons.


Teqball one


teqball one


This is the first version of the table which was first researched for 2 years before being released into the market.
It has nets designed to increase bounce and minimize any iota of luck that could come into the game. It’s not as expensive as the next in the series but it isn’t foldable so you have to constantly assemble and disassemble. It’s ideal for locations that are permanent.


  • The bounce produced by its design enables the balls to constantly be in motion
  • Waterproof
  • You can fix it to the ground
  • It can be assembled easily
  • You can use it indoor and outdoor


  • Can’t be folded
  • You can only practice with an opponent.
  • Long to assemble, you need 2 to 3 people.


Teqball smart


teqball smart


A more advanced form of its predecessor, it consists of all properties the Teq ONE has but with many other advantages making it more expensive and more desired.

It is also Foldable which makes the table easy for it to move. You can play alone by folding it in half and leaning against a wall.

It’s easy to carry around and has wheels that are lockable. Moreover, folding the side of the table enables you to practice at home or outside.


  • Used indoor and outdoor
  • you can fold the table after your practice
  • UV resistant paint 
  • Easy to carry from one place to another without much obstruction


  • The most expensive.


Teqball lite


teqball lite

This is the most recent, portable version of Teq tables. This model weighs 111kg. You can lock and open it with ease.

the table also has fiberglass-reinforced polyester tabletop and steel leg structure to enhance its stability. It can withstand UV Rays so it’s ideal for outdoor play, it’s multi-function ability is enhanced by its foldable nature and it’s 250mm in diameter wheel.

It’s folded easily for storage as it takes very little space.

Brazilian football legend  Ronaldinho revealed this table at the 2019 Teqball championship in Hungary.
This version is the cheapest out of the 3.


  • Cheap
  • The removed features makes it the lightest
  • It takes the least space.
  • The wheels on the bottom make the table mobile
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor
  • Weatherproof
  • Beautiful design


  • Long to assemble



Check price on



5 Sports on the teqball table.


Use a soccer ball on top of the table and you have teqball. You could play 4 other sports on the table.



It’s a new racket sport played on the Teq ball table. This sport-inspired by tennis can be played against one player or more (singles and doubles respectively). It could be played indoors or outdoors, all you need is the equipment and the court that measures the same as a tennis court. Even if you’re in a wheelchair, you’ll still enjoy it because it’s easy to learn, after a few minutes of practice.


You win the match if you win one or more sets depending on the competition.
If you reach 8 points, you win
A set is equal to 2 consecutive games



You need 4 players and a beach volleyball. The rules are simple and almost the same for volleyball, all you need to do is stand at the outside of the court and spike the ball at your opponent. There is only a maximum of 3 touches and the ball bounce on the opponent’s court once before the other player returns it.


When the ball touches the edge of the table and bounces off in a clearly observable way, it should be played again (this is called an edge ball)
You can only jump to spike from behind the serving baseline
After 12 points, a set will end and you need 2 sets to win a match.


3- Teqpong


Teqpong is an innovative paddle sport like ping pong with its own rules. This game requires a lot of concentration and focus as table tennis. Indeed with the curved table, the bounce is often different.
Moreover, you only need a set of teqpong to win a match.

Contrary to ping pong, the players use the same hard paddle during a teqpong match.



One set is 12 points.

The first to 2 sets wins the match.


4- Qatch

The players will stand at opposite ends of the table and throw the ball at each other intensely. 


You can only pass the ball back from where you caught it previously.
A set equals 12 points and you need 2 to win

The ball must bounce on the opponent’s side of the table once after which it must be returned within 3 seconds


Dimensions of a teqball table

The Teqball table:

L = 3m

W =1.47m

H = 0.9m

Horizontal distance between lowest surface point and Net = 1.5m


W= 1.8m

Thickness = 0.2m

H = 0.14m


Size 5





  • Teqball is the fastest growing sport and the sport of the future
  • Anyone can play ( kids, adults, people with disability)
  • 5 sports on 1 table
  • Some version of the table enables you to practice on your own
  • The game is fun and easy to learn.
  • Many professional soccer teams already use the table to improve their techniques.


  • Some tables are long to assemble
  • Even the lightest in the series is quite heavy.


Teqball is developing more and more around the world, thanks to the video broadcast on youtube with Ronaldhino showing his technical skills. Besides, Brazillian soccer players love the teqball table and don’t hesitate to play in the changing room before an official match. Many top soccer clubs like Manchester, PSG, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Juventus……..are using the teqball table for fun and to improve their technique.

But you don’t have to be a top soccer star to play teqball.

Don’t forget to use a cover if you leave your table outside

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