Review Of Joola Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Anybody can go out and help himself to an outdoor ping pong table but not everyone knows about the Joola Outdoor ping pong table that always stands the test of time in durability, aesthetics, and many other feasible qualities.

Getting a good table can make the difference between a nifty and neat game of ping pong and a manageable but fair game probably played just for playing sake.

The good news about it all is that I can recommend one that will suit all your needs as regards perfectionism and that is the Joola ping pong table and all its affiliate.

We’re bringing you some of the best the Joola outdoor ping pong table has to offer. (If you’re still interested in other brands, you can read them up here )


What To Consider When Choosing An Outdoor Ping Pong Table


One of the first things to consider before buying an outdoor Ping Pong table is taking into consideration, the placement. Will the table stays in that location permanently or do you plan on moving it around too.

If you don’t have a known area to set up your Ping Pong table, pick a make that can be easily folded and also has wheels which allow a person to easily move it and reduce the storage space. Furthermore, higher quality models will usually have wheels that you can lock into place during gameplay.

Those who wish to practice by themselves should also choose a folding model. Folding up a half allows you a surface to practice against that will push the ball back at you.

This is a great way to improve your skills, Stationary tables tend to be more stable and more attractive, but they require a very large space commitment.


Budget is an important factor in choosing a ping-pong table. There are lots of great quality products available in the market at a good price, but high-end tables offer great performance and last for a long time. You need to decide which table you should go for depending on your budget and I assure you that the joola outdoor ping pong table is one of the best as regards budget


Some table tennis players say that tables that have 1 inch thick tops are something you should consider. You can even consider a 0.75 inch thick top which is nearly similar. Professionals should opt-in for an inch thick top as they get similar tables in the tournament settings and you’ll find out why the joola ping pong table is included.

Where can you buy a joola ping pong table?

Most of table tennis shops out there will sell tables, as well as rubbers balls. The regions you can get them span as large as table tennis shops in UK, Europe, USA, Asia and Australia so finding a shop near you shouldn’t be a problem. Also, in buying a few tables, you can usually negotiate a good deal.

You will still find a good deal on Amazon (UK site | USA site). Whether you buy from Amazon or not, it’s a useful site to visit, as you can read lots of user reviews to help you make a decision.

If you happen to have a small budget, you can find a great second-hand bargain. People are always getting rid of table tennis tables some hardly used for a fraction of the price they originally paid. Take a look at auction sites like eBay or local websites and newspapers.


1. Joola Berkshire. Joola outdoor ping pong table


Launched in the 1950s, Joola is a trusted brand for over 60 years of its inception. It has sponsored big Olympics tournaments in the world like the US open and it’s an Equipment for all levels.

Designed with quality Modern Concrete which is built To Last: This model of Ping Pong Table has a stable MgO concrete surface that wouldn’t peel. Surface feels like a wooden grain polished oak-like finish. Created with a heavy-duty “X” shaped dark powder-coated metallic bottom.

Built to balance your work and play: Quickly change from a ping pong table to a 9 feet conference table or to a rectangular dining room table. This works great for your patio table experience and best of all, it seats up to 10 or 12 persons.

99% enjoyment: A table that’s always learning from your feedback to make a state of the art table tennis equipment for children & adults. If you’re not totally pleased or have product suggestions their customer service team is available to help.

108″ by 60″ Sized ping pong table attached with steel Ping Pong Net: This table is an ideal choice for most rooms in your homes, office because it includes a one year warranty against defects.


  • Fancy design which is suitable for any location
  • Created out of hard concrete.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • It doesn’t have wheels or fold.

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2. Joola outdoor ping pong table: Joola Outdoor Aluminum

The JOOLA aluminum ping pong table is a top grade table that can either be used outside or inside, made particularly to resist outdoor use in all weather conditions.

Bearing a 6mm aluminum plastic composite surface and retardant to chipping, the JOOLA aluminum offers a consistent bounce even after a long while of play.

2 non-tilting equipment and a 3-inch locking caster makes it very easy to move around, Enjoy playing with friends or training by yourself by folding one half of the table in the playback position. 

 JOOLA Outdoor Table comes with an installation process that is much easier to do, it also has a net set that is resistant to weather damage with posts that can be adjusted to build a leveled surface ideal for your backyard, or community field. Play like a champion with topline equipment engineered for championship. This brand is a sponsor of the USA ping pong team.

Fast set up: it comes almost pre-assembled which makes assembly time as quick as 15 minutes and it’s okay to start playing! Attach the legs with just 8 bolts.

  • Surface Size: 6 mm
  • Surface Material: Aluminum-Plastic Combo
  • The net set are waterproof
  • Dimensions of the undercarriage: 30 mm by 30 mm
  • Undercarriage Color: black
  • Undercarriage Specifics: Rust-Resistant


  • Easy storage
  • weather resistant
  • Its not very heavy
  • one person can play it
  • It has wheels for mobility
  • Assembly time is minimal


Not for professional usage.


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3. Joola Nova Pro Plus.


Side view of the Joola Nova pro plus. Joola outdoor ping pong table

It comes with height levelers that can be adjusted to taste on each of the legs to balance the table with ease even on the most uneven levels. Two types of equipment to stop tilting and an enhanced 6-inches lock caster to ensure it’s safe to transport. Enjoy your gaming experience with friends or practice all by yourself by folding half the table into its playback position.

This is a great addition to your backyard or even the community playground. Start tennis like a champion with tools developed for legends! (Don’t take my word for it, check it out here)


  • Not affected by water
  • Can be folded and stored with ease
  • Rapid assembly time


  • It’s quite a heavy board


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4. Joola outdoor ping pong table: Joola Motion Outdoor


Side view of the Joola motion outdoor. Joola outdoor ping pong table

The JOOLA Motion Outdoor ping pong table is a high-quality ping pong table that is used either indoors or outdoors, specifically designed to resist outdoor use for long in all weathers and terrains.

It offers a constant bounce even after many years of play making it a great deal for your money. Maintenance is not necessary because each of the halves is resting on 30mm by 30mm rust-resistant, steel undercarriage.

You should also be expecting some features like

Recreational all-weather ping pong table with a 6mm aluminum plastic combination and 30 mm by 30 mm rust-resistant undercarriage.
In addition to the last features, the two-piece table easily folds for playback and also compact storing.

It Comes with 2 equipment to prevent tilting and lock casters on 3inches wheels for safety, mobility, and stability. Assembly time is just 15min and it includes easy install weatherproof nets
Assembling: 108 inches by 60 inches by 30 inches; Weight: 166 pounds


  • The nets are easy to install
  • Assembly time is not much
  • Rust doesn’t affect it


  • The table is also quite heavy



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5. Joola Outdoor TR. Joola outdoor ping pong table

An image illustrating the foldable state of the Joola outdoor TR. Joola outdoor ping pong table

A new addition to the German line of ping pong tables, this waterproof table features a 22 mm aluminum surface. The 50mm plastic frame provides additional structure to the surface while keeping down the weight to make transportation much easier.

The powder-coated undercarriage gives support to the table while also resisting wear and tear, elongating the life of the ping pong table. Each of the table half is transported on 4 inches wheels that roll easily across most environment. Set-up is easy and quick.

Given recent happenings, we do not have the exact information available on the size when it’s folded but the estimated size of a folded table tennis table is usually around 60” x 62” x 24”. The wheels on this might make it slightly deeper than 24”.


  • 22mm aluminum surface
  • Powder-coated anti rust metallic undercarriage
  • 4inch hooded Wheels
  • weather resistant


  • 70 by 60 by 28 inches
  • Weight: 128 pounds

Dual Control Spin Package Include:

  • Two Paddles with spongy rubbery blade with ball control pips
  • 340mm sized ping pong balls (2 white and 1 orange)



  • Doesn’t get affected by weather conditions
  • It doesn’t get rusted
  • Wheels are attached to ease transportation
  • This model weighs less than others in comparison



  • No observable Con from customer reviews


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6. Joola outdoor ping pong table: Joola City

Side view of the Joola city. Joola outdoor ping pong table

The JOOLA City table surface is coated with a layer of acrylic resin/silica combination, this makes it even and free from holes, providing a conducive playing condition.

Its undercarriage is made out of rectangular tubing (50/40mm) and has gone through hot-dip galvanization and is dismountable.

2 people can handle the set up because despite it’s weight of 190 kg, the heaviest part has a weight of 78 kg. This table is waterproof and it’s been proven against extreme cold, heat, UV rays, and temperature changes. As a result of its tough make, the model is great for public areas, playgrounds, schools, and camping sites.

• Play surface coated with a layer of acrylic resin, thus very even and free from holes and providing optimum playing conditions
• weatherproof; It has been proven against cold, heat, UV and temperature changes


This is an ideal option for long term installation in high-use areas.


Like other outdoor tables of this kind, it does not have built-in ball or racket holders.
• Only covered by 1-year warranty. For a 10-year warranty on outdoor ping pong tables, you should get a Cornilleau table


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7. Joola outdoor ping pong table: Joola externa.

Indicative picture of the Joola externa. Joola outdoor ping pong table

The JOOLA Externa ping pong table has a surface that is made from fiber-glass reinforced Polyester and a very solid undercarriage made of rectangular tubing that has gone through hot-dip galvanization. Secondly; this table is weatherproof and it has been proven against extreme cold, heat, UV, and temperature changes.

Lastly; The legs assemble quite easily and due to its tough construction, Externa is ideal for public areas, school playgrounds, and camping sites.


• leveled surface for ideal playing conditions
• waterproof; tested against extreme cold, heat, UV and temperature changes
• Due to its tough construction, optimal for public areas, school playgrounds, camping sites


• This table is built for long term installation in outdoor areas.


  • Must be placed on a leveled ground
  • There’s no fold-playback mode


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8.Joola Outdoor ping pong table: Joola Clima

Cross section of the Joola Clima. Joola outdoor ping pong table

The Clima is an aluminum table, which is also at home on the patio, room, and poolside, providing a portable ping pong fun for all! Rested on a stable roller under-carriage for portability with folding legs, This table weighs at a lightweight 130 pounds and it requires assembly but with a price like this you won’t mind at all with its double anti-tilting device, safety is assured.



  • It’s waterproof
  • Doesn’t weigh that much
  • Easy to assemble


  • It occupies a lot of space when in use


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