Pool ping pong table: Our review of the top 10


Looking for the right pool ping pong table that will stand the test of time in both durability and enjoyment, while at the same time not costing you an arm and a leg can be a real pain in the neck.

You watch a lot of commercials, TV shows all promising you everything which ends up being a disaster once you take their word for it. If you’re in that category then you’re in luck because we’ve done a lot of research and scrutiny to come up with the best 10 pool ping pong table.

Since there are a vast number of variables, we won’t be able to arrange it in the right order but be rest assured that you are looking at the best 10 pool ping pong table.

1-Hathaway Maverick 7 ft and table


 table tennis table

This is a very good combo to any game room or gym facility. This equipment with its many function features can really be a “tourist attraction” in your living room or gym facility because its stylish with a crimson pool surface that is just pleasing to the eyes. Also, if you can’t afford a full-sized pool table because of lack of space, this is a very good alternative for you.

The table is 84′ * 46′ * 31′  it has a playing field of 74.75′ in length and 36.75′ in width. It weighs about 250 pounds with some cool accessories like 56″ long cues (2), 16 billiard balls, a triangle rack, brush and chalk, balls, a post, net, and 2 table tennis paddles.

The quality construction of this equipment has been maintained by an expert US-based team. The table has CARB certified MDF surface, awesome wool blended felt, pedestal-style leg, silver laminated top rail, k 66 cushion

The lovely design of this equipment is a result of the combination of modern machinery and sheer craftsmanship. The lovely color, chrome-plated corner cap, pedestal-style leg makes it even more appealing to the eyes. Also the pedestal style legs add to the stability.

The pool ping pong table is put together while in an upside-down position. It comes with its own installation guide/manual, 2 adults is what it takes to get this installed. 


  • No professionals are needed to install it, basic knowledge of assembly is required only.
  • K 66 rubber cushion offers accurate and fast ball bounce.
  • 3.5′ leveled legs ensure stability and balance while playing.


  • The wool blended felt present on the table is irreplaceable.
  • The MDF surface is sensitive to weather so it’s best used indoors.
  • You can’t fold the table tennis top when not playing.



2-Triumph 72′ 4 in 1 multi game swivel table


combo table


Choose between 4 different games and switch in seconds. The rotating design makes it possible to switch between air hockey and billiards and use the added conversion tops for table tennis and launch football.

The pool ping pong table has great accessories for every game including 2 chalks and a brush, 2 red pucks, two table tennis balls, two field goals, two red pucks, and a tiny football.

What powers the air hockey game is a 110v, 60hz UL blower that can fit into a regular outlet. The table is 72′ long and it has leg levelers to ensure stability.


2 chalks

1 triangle

1 table brush

Two 48′, 2 piece cues

One set of billiard balls.


2 tennis balls


2 table tennis paddles

2 table tennis surface


Goal post

Football surface

Game accessories


Weight: 143 pounds

Color: black



  • Highly versatility due to its rapid switchability.
  • Leg levelers to ensure stability
  • Big enough for adults and older teens


  • Can only be played indoors

Very large and quite complex to carry around

Some pool ping pong tables don’t even come with leg levelers so you will have to source for your own or make do with a shaky structure.


3-Stiga duo table tennis conversion top


stiga pool ping pong table


This pool ping pong table is one of the best choices with regards to space. It turns a 7 and 8-foot pool table into a table tennis table, it’s more fun for less space! the table is also very affordable and ideal for people who want to engage in indoor tournaments because it is quite easy to install and pack up.

It has rollers at the bottom to help you easily push it to the set location which you can lock in place while playing to prevent it from moving in all directions.

The top has also been made thickened to withstand the greatest of shots while gameplay is on.

You can change your pool table into a table tennis table very easily with this equipment.

The rails are also protected by rubber strips Which also hold the top firmly in place.

It is 5′ in width and 9′ in length (the playing surface).

This model is compatible with;

7′ air hockey table

8′ air hockey table

8′ billiard table

7.5′ billiard table and many more!


  • It almost comes totally assembled so the workload is less
  • the table takes less time to assemble, about 7 to 10 minutes.
  • The surface won’t fade
  • It has a playback position just in case you want to play against yourself.


  • It isn’t flat when it arrives
  • Since it is almost preassembled, it makes transportation difficult
  • Poor customer service
  • The hinges get damaged from regular use.


4- Fat cat pockey 7 ft black 3 in 1 air hockey


convertible table tennis table


This version pool ping pong table offers great fun for all ages just by a simple flip. Wow your guests with the ability to shove 3 different game sets into your living room without using too much space.

pool ping pong table accessories


As shown above, it has spaces for ball storage – how great is that!

No need for clutters and having to look for Missing items.

It measures 80*40*32 inches and it weighs almost 270 pounds, it is manufactured from composite wood. It has a convertible top with one side for air hockey and another for pool. The section for air hockey measures 74*38 inches.

It has a 110v motor blowing air current at 80 cubic feet per minute.

It also comes with a portable table tennis top sitting under the main top which is then taken out and put above the main top once it’s tennis time!

The tennis playing field measures 84*42 inches.


pool table accessories


The accessories include 

4pushers and pucks for air hockey

1 triangle

2 tennis rackets

1 post set and a net

2.25 inch billiard balls.


  • 3x as fun
  • The table is safe to flip
  • Very durable
  • Well accessorized


  • It’s heavy
  • No system set up to return billiard balls.



Check price on Amazon.com



5- Snow shop everything pool ping pong table


snow shop ping pong table

This 7 feet pool ping pong table gives you quality billiards and table tennis all at a great price!

If you love playing pool, this table has great features and it fits into places where large tables won’t generally fit into.

Conserve a lot of space with this beautiful, middle-sized pool and table tennis combo table. You don’t need to buy multiple tables with this one around, it also makes game switching a cakewalk. It is also ideal for kids too.

Cushioned by k66 rubbers, gameplay is smooth and the surface can last for years



Pool table playing field: 74.75L x 36.75W. 

Tennis playing field: 84’L x 46’W 

Weight: 250pounds


Two 57′ pool cue,

Sixteen 2.5′ billiard balls


A triangle

A brush

2 table tennis balls, nets, and paddles.


  • Suitable for kids
  • Highly durable
  • Ideal for relatively small spaces


It’s a little bit hard to find cons because there aren’t many negative reviews about this one yet but as always, one of the biggest con is that it’s HEAVY.



6- Sunnydaze 10 combination multi game


 ping pong table


Designed with different classic games to keep your friends occupied and entertained for hours and to also occupy minimal space, this pool ping pong table is an ideal companion.

It has a storage unit for extra accessories so you won’t have to worry about losing them. This beast of a board can provide you with recreation like billiard, foosball, push hockey, table tennis, shuffle board, chess, checkers and lots more!

It enables you to spend more time playing than assembling.


Easy assemble

1yr warranty

Saves space

It’s dimensions are:

Billiard table:

22.5′ W  x 27.5′ Tall x 40’L 

Foosball table: 

24′ W x 32′ Tall x 41.25′ L X 3.5′ Deep

Weight :



  • Good warranty service
  • It is relatively lighter
  • Easier to assemble.


  • Can’t be folded and put away




joola concertible ping pong table

Snatch the greatest of both worlds by turning your billiard or outdoor dining table into a regulation-sized table tennis table. 


Very fast assembly (as quick as 5minutes) 

Very easy to convert

Foam pads create a cushion pad between the table and the conversion top. 

Durable metal Apron.


Weight: 132lbs

1.5′ steel aprons

9x5ft table tennis top


  • Extremely fast assembly
  • Quick conversion
  • The playing surfaces are well protected.
  • This table can fold up for storage.


  • No specific con about this product.



8-Ifoyo multifunction


pool table tennis


Ifoyo offers you 4 different games like foosball, pool, table tennis, and hockey while still helping you conserve space.


PVC surface, MDF panel, 

Assembly parameters: 42’L * 24’W * 32’H.

Parameters when folded: 49’L * 24’W * 31’H

Weight: 57lbs.


Very sturdy construction

Easy storage

Space saving

4 in one game table


  • Very light
  • Foldable board
  • PVC surface to reduce damage.
  • Sturdy construction
  • Saves space during storage


  • Air hockey is not electrical


9- Rack Virgo pool ping pong table

combo ping pong table

This is the perfect space and cost-saving equipment out there. This 3/4′ thick full-sized table tennis top with state of the art paint job has 2double rubber rackets and 3 balls,a net and post. 


The surfaces are padded to reduce damage during gameplay.


Table dimensions: 180’L x 60’W

Weight: 95lbs

Net and post

Free shipping

Upgraded tennis racket


Lifetime warranty


  • Free Shipping
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Relatively light
  • Doesn’t take much space.


  • Not foldable for easy storage


10- Best choice products pool ping pong table


pool ping pong table


Pool table: 32’L x 17’W x 7.75’H

Foosball table: 32’L x 17’W x 5’H

Pool cue: 25.5’L

Table tennis/ Air hockey: 32’L x 17’W

Ping pong paddle: 6.75’L x 4’W

Weight: 31 pounds

Weight capacity: 31 pounds

Material: plastic, metal, MDF.


Billiard surface

Two Pool cues

Table tennis surface

Table tennis net

Two ping pong balls

Two ping pong paddles

Foosball surface

Two hockey strikers

Two hockey pucks

Six foosball player rows

Two foosball soccer balls


Easy setup

Accessories are included

4 in one game set

Sturdy construction.


  • Easy to setup
  • Extremely light
  • Sturdy construction


  • Air hockey isn’t electrical
  • The legs don’t fold flat for easy storage
  • Air hockey has no air power



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I’m sure this article must have solved a lot of your pool ping pong table problems, I hope this will help you make the right choice.

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