Kettler Ping Pong Table: Our top 5

If you consider yourself a table tennis player, KETTLER has the right table for you. Whether you play for recreation or competition, there are outdoor Kettler Ping Pong table that must always suit your needs.

Firstly, During the 1960s Kettler discovered how flawlessly tables made out of aluminum could play. All of the KETTLER outdoor tables are manufactured with ALU-TEC technology in Germany that encapsulates a resin treated board in aluminum. The system is also tried with regards to the bounce of the ball and against various climate conditions.

 1. Kettler ping pong table: Kettler Competition 3.0 Indoor:

The Kettler Competition 3.0 Indoor ping pong table includes a wooden top with a medium-density measurement that has been qualified for true competition bounce to give you quality and performance like never before. This is Kettler ping pong table in it’s finest.

Kettler competition 3.0 Indoor table has a quarter-inch top surrounded by an inch of aluminum to protect it from warping. The top is made solely from wood and provides an excellent bounce surface for ping pong balls.

The table surface is covered with a water-based painting and also with a topcoat, which resists UV and scratches.

Again, It is made for secure storing and folding neatly along the line while the legs of this equipment are made from metal and covered with artificial powder to protect it from rusting.

The table comes along with two Kettler Ace ping pong rackets alongside six standard size ping pong balls. It’srackets are made with pip in rubber on a five plywood with a spongy layer in between them.


Quarter wood top with medium density rating and finished on the bottom

  • Certified tournament bouncing for unique quality performance
  • All of the outer edges are protected by a 1inch aluminum that was designed to cover the top to resist warping
  • Tournament size of 9′ x 5′
  • Play-back feature for warm-up and solo play has no wide gap for ball to drop in
  • The net can be easily adjusted for the height and tension
  • Water-based paint and coat are UV, scratch, and fade resistant
  • Tournament lines are smooth and even with the playing surface
  • 1inch round steel legs with artificial powder coating and galvanized treatment to protect against rust and scratches
  • 5.5inch double wheel casters with rubber surface
  • Two wheels have a locking system to stay in place during playing time.
  • Space-saving equipment for storage and for easy transport
  • Folds up to 26.25inches wide x 64.75inches high x 72inches long for compact storage and transport
  • Track folding mechanism to provide smooth folding
  • Safety-Fold with double Lock Safety to prevent unintentional opening or closing
  • Net and durable resin net-posts remain in the play position even when folded for storage
  • Tubing manufactured according to ISO 9002 standards
  • 3 Year Residential warranty



  • The surface gives an excellent bounce
  • Has resistance to warping


  • You can’t play solo
  • It doesn’t have leg levelers
  • No duvet cover for storage



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2. Kettler Stockholm Gt Indoor- green

Now the best-selling table of all time has been made exclusive to Ping Pong Tables. Joining in the path of German manufacturers Porsche and 911, they have kept the same formula that gave the table so much popularity when creating the Stockholm GT, while also making some several upgrades based on the positive reviews they got from the original.

All the Kettler tables benefit from a 22mm top, which is made up of wooden boards covered in Aluminium. This in turn provides excellent bouncing and also a hard surface with excellent weatherproofing. They also have anti-dazzle finishing which gives out less shine on the table on bright days.

The table has a hard frame, great quality wheels, and net that’s always on the table (with possible adjustment). It can be folded and unfolded by just one person and also now has a bat and ball holder. Stockholm is much stronger than the Axos 1 and Axos 3. The metallic frame is twice as thick and there’s extra support that goes horizontally between all the legs. It’s also the very first table in the Kettler range to have a set of leg levelers.


  • 0.75 inches wooden top with a medium density and smooth finishing on the bottom.
  • Great tournament bounce for a seamless and also unmatched playing experience.
  • The edges are protected by an inch of aluminum apron to prevent any form of scratch, warping, chipping and breaking of the edges.
  • Surface has an internationally recognized and approved size of 9feet by 5feet
  • Safety folding mechanism with dual locking features to prevent one from opening and locking it by mistake.
  • size: 275cm long by 153cm wide by 77cm in height 9inches long by 5inches wide by 2feet 6 inches high
  • Minimum playing space: 5.1m long by 3.3m wide 17inches long by 11inches wide, follow the given guideline only
  • Size when stored: 169cm high by 183cm wide by 62cm in depth
  • Weight: 51kg
  • Packaged weight: 57kg
  • It is Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Also comes with a 22mm aluminum compound tabletop with anti-glare
  • Its foldable nature makes it possible to play with yourself or practice
  • The nets and posts are fixed sturdily
  • Bats and balls have a separate storage space
  • The wheels have a braking system to prevent accidents
  • Undercarriage: 45 mm oval tubing
    Folding system with double safety lock
    Assembly: Allow 2 hours for self-assembly



  • Durability is very high
  • Assembly time is quick
  • Works great in almost all environment


  • The ball bounce isn’t bad but not as good as Cornilleau 500m or Kettler Champ 5.0



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3. Kettler Eden Outdoor

Kettler Eden Outdoor, kettler ping pong table

Kettler Eden table tennis table is just what schools, apartments, resorts, city parks, need for an outdoor ping pong table. The top is highly durable and waterproof with a great warranty. This is actually one of Kettler’s initial stationary table and we know they did a great job and the Kettler Eden will battle the Cornilleau 510 for supremacy under this price range.


It weighs about 280lbs. Consequently, this table is sturdy and made to resist strong forces. Only very few other stationary tables can give more stability, the 10mm tabletop comes with a great warranty and it’s the material that more ping pong table manufacturers are designing tables with. The outer edges are protected with a 2 inch steel apron.

4inch rectangular steel legs are perfect to hold up in all weather climates and not rust too. You can also place the legs on the ground for more stability if you want. With the table leg design, you can use the table for dining purposes too because there is room for chairs to fit into the bottom. The nets and posts are made out of galvanized steel and are also made to be permanent.


The good news about all these tables is that they are very easy to assemble since they have no moving parts like wheels or folding frames. Secondly, Kettler Eden ping pong table can easily be assembled in about an hour with only the simplest and most basic of tools so you don’t need to head to the supermarket to shop for tools

Storage and Movement

Firstly, Storing of the outdoor ping pong tables is not really easy though it’s designed to stay outside all year round and handle the harsh weather. Also You can always buy aftermarket coverings that fit the tables if you so wish, Covers for these tables are not so expensive. Moving them is possible – at 280 lbs they are still within that range where 4 adults could lift and place the table into another location.


Playability is very commendable and the 10mm thickness melamine tabletop is one of the best in the industry. Although the Cornilleau Park and Cornilleau 700M may come close at 9mm they are obviously still not as thick.

Thickness always determines bounce and stability and i also would say the responsiveness of the table on the Kettler Eden is really rather nice for those that hit with spin (topspin or underspin). While the sturdy legs add weight to the tabletop stability and consistency.


  • It’s an absolutely weatherproof equipment with a pure and heavy 10mm melamine top with a glare proof coating system for an excellent and seamless playing feature
  • Also, a reinforced hardened edge and underside of table top with 2inches wide galvanized tube like metallic frames and crossbars
  • 4inches wide rectangle metallic legs are hot-dip galvanized which have a powdery fine looking finish for a chrome look
  • 4mm thick permanent metal net and net posts are hot-dip galvanized which have a powdery fine looking finish for a chrome look
  • Fully stationary with anchor ready feet (anchor bolts included)
  • Simple 16 bolt assembly for sticking the table legs to its frame
  • All the benefits are offered by a non-movable concrete table with bounce and play of a high-quality table
  • Ideal for parks, campgrounds, and any institutional setting too
  • 10-year limited warranty on the tabletops and 3 years on remaining components
  • 5 Year Residential Warranty, 3 Year Commercial Warranty


Material: Melamine tabletop with a steel frame and crossbars, steel legs, and a steel net and net posts as well


  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Great play surface
  • Splendid warranty system


  • Has no corner protection.



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4. Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor w/2-Player Racket Set and Table Cover

Kettler 5.0, kettler ping pong table
  • Absolutely waterproof sealed aluminum composite top with ALU-TEC Climate-Control under that controls expansion and contraction due to changes in the weather.
  • All the edges of each of the top half is supported by a square aluminum tube.
  • outer edges are guarded and supported by 2.25 inch of high impact resin apron as well as Apron design cradles table top to resist warping.
  • competition size of 9′ x 5′.
  • Safety-Fold with a Double Lock Safety to prevent unintended opening or closing of the table.
  • Play-back feature solo play has no wide gap for ball to drop in.
  • Tournament lines are very smooth and even with all playing surface and Unique water-based paint and topcoat are UV, scratch and fade resistant.
  • 2-inch square metal legs with artificial powder coating and a galvanized treatment to protect against rust and scratches
  • All legs are equipped with levelers for adjustment
  • 6-inch swiveling casters; two of which have an integrated locking system.
  • Net and durable resin net-posts remain in the play position even when folded for storage which can be adjusted for height and tension.
  • Space-saving capabilities for storage and low center of gravity for transport.
  • Folds for compact storage to 25″ wide x 64.75″ high x 72″ long
  • Tubing manufactured according to ISO 9002 standards
  • Integrated racquet holder with rain cover and ball holder. Racquets and balls sold separately item No: 7178-600
  • Description: CHAMP 5.0 TTT, OUTDOOR
  • Country: Germany
  • Length/Width/Height: 63 x 57 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 176 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 YEAR
  • Assembly Required: Yes


  • This table is ideal for saving space
  • The legs also have a locking system
  • Absolutely Waterproof


  • It’s quite heavy too



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5. Kettler Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Junior

TMNT JUNIOR TABLE TENNIS TABLE Available in box, perfect to just tuck away neatly for the holidays. Junior ping pong also gives you non stop hours of fun, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a kid’s equipment that we’re sure he’ll fall in love with.

Furthermore This is a great addition to any game room out there or a child’s room. Item specs:

Perfect table tennis table for children, Nickelodeon licensed (TMNT theme), folding one-piece design with levelers. In addition to that, it also consists of a High-Quality Square tubing w/ oversize apron, Includes two (2) bats featuring all four turtle characters and four (4) balls +50″ x 30″ (15mm thick) playing surface 28″ from top to floor Folding legs to store when not in use. (Also,Watch everything including the gameplay here

Other features include

  • Great quality Square tubing with oversize apron.
  • 50″; x 30″; (15mm thick) playing surface (CARB Phase II compliant).
  • clearly shows Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael!
  • Length/Width/Height: 53 x 33 x 3 inches.
  • Measured Weight: 50 pounds.
  • Warranty:1 year.


  • The equipment is very light
  • Your kids will love it
  • It saves space


  • It can only be played satisfactorily by kids. Doesn’t look very mature for adult usage



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Finally, if you have looked it up and you’re still not too comfortable with the price and specifics also check out our list of top cheapest ping pong table for you here


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