How to play teqpong?


What is teqpong?


Teqpong is a revolutionary paddle sport played on a multipurpose equipment called Teqtable.

It helps to task your physical skills and focus. The curvature of the table makes the balls to bounce at positions that are not too obvious to players, thus; entry angles are calculated which even boosts intelligence.

Engaging in this activity enhances hand-eye coordination and since the 2 players use the same racket, it all boils down to sheer skills.


Rules of teqpong


A player win a game when he reaches 8 points.

A match consists of 2 or more games depending on the competition.

The server can only execute a successful serve in one try.

The ball should bounce once on the opponent’s surface.

The service changes after an interval of 2 rallies.

The server must toss the ball and spike it with the racket upwards

“Double points” is a chance to get twice your point in one rally.

You cannot touch the table.

Each player can only strike the ball 15 times after which the opposing team

receives a point upon non-completion.

Each player can ask for the chance to play for the double point.

This can exclusively be given to the person that asked for it.

A player can request a double point if he hasn’t reached 6 points.

If the ball bounce on top of the net, you can still play but only mid-air.

You need 2 clear points to win the game


Review on different teqball tables



teqpong table

It has wheels to make it easily movable.

The paint job makes it resist water.

The total weight is 111kg

You can always count on the 24months guarantee period


  • This version is the lightest among the rest.
  • You can return it if there is a fault within 24 months because of the warranty period.
  • Easy to move
  • The cheapest
  • Good value for money


  • Long to assembly



Check price on




curved ping pong table

Owners of the equipment can assemble  with ease.

It can stay attached to the ground.

The table is for indoor and outdoor use.

Water doesn’t really affect it because of the paint job.


  • The structure is very stable.
  • It is weatherproof


  • Very heavy to move around.
  • It’s not foldable so you can’t store with ease




teqball smart

The design allows you to fold and store.

It also resists water damage.

The wheels on the table enables it to move around


  • Stored easily because of its foldable nature.
  • Wheels attached to it makes movement seamless.


  • Compared to the rest, it’s the most expensive.
  • Due to its versatility (which gives it added features), it’s the heaviest.


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