Foldable ping pong table: Our top 5.

gosport mini ping pong table

Foldable ping pong table: How to choose?

Between sporting goods and gadgets, a foldable ping pong table is for anyone who wants to play spontaneously, any time of the day and anywhere.

They are available in various sizes smaller than the classic ping pong tables. Generally a Foldable ping pong table is only 60 cm long and around 30 cm wide. Few of the references exceed 150 cm in length. 

 Suffice to say that these are ultra-compact models.  The weight is generally between 4 and 20 kilograms. Some references only consist of a tray where others have small folding legs (between 13 and 76 cm most often), or sometimes even adjustable to several heights.

Characteristics to take into account.

In addition to the dimensions and weight of the model, you will need to look at:

Less equipment: 

They generally carry the minimum necessary to play directly (net, rackets, balls).


 Sometimes there are specific spaces for storing all the accessories attached to the table.


 Even compact, a small tray remains more advantageous for transport when it is possible to fold it.

Wheels :

 If a few references have it, be aware that some variations can turn into a suitcase.

Finishing touches:

 Type of coating, material, impact-resistant finish, weather protection can be a bonus.

Here is a selection of our top 4 foldable ping pong table of the moment.




1-  Joola Midzise

joola foldable table tennis table

 Joola Midsize foldable ping pong table has been specially designed for recreational players who want to play table tennis in a tight space.

 Its dimensions smaller than a normal table (168 cm long against 274 and 84 cm wide against 152.5) ​​make it an ideal table for playing at home, in an apartment or in a living room.

 In addition, its standard height (76 cm) still gives the impression of playing on a real table. This table is also very practical to store, in a cupboard, kids room, basements or under the bed for example.

Its weight is 22 kg

The dimensions: 36 inches wide 72 inches long and 30 1/2 tall

If you are tired of playing ping pong, do not worry, the table can also be used for board games, poker or crafts. Perfect for keeping kids busy during the holiday period.

This foldable ping pong table comes pre-assembled. There are two table halves with legs which fold easily underneath, so no hassle for you. All you need to do is unfold and play.


  • No assembly required
  • Multi-use
  • Net included
  • Designed for small space
  • Compact
  • Easy to move and store


  • Not waterproof, you can play outdoor but don’t leave the table outside
  • No balls and paddle



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2- Stiga Space saver


stiga mini ping pong table

Stiga is a well known Swedish international ping pong brand. Their tables have been used in major table tennis competitions. Its foldable ping pong table is small, strong and has the bounce of a professional ping pong table.

The full table dimensions are only 71” Lenght x 40.5” Width x 30” Height. The combined folded table measures Lenght: 35.5” Width: 40.5” Height: 3.6″. The weight of the table is 73 pounds. Moreover, Its ultra-compact storage fits in the closet, small spaces or under the bed.

With this table, no assembly is required. All you have to do is unpack, unfold and begin a competition with your family and friends. The Stiga space saver comes in two separate halves, each half measures Lenght: 35.5” Width: 40.5” Height: 30″.This is the perfect multi-usage table for entertaining kids.

The steel legs are solid, they have levelers to adjust the table height and protect it from scratches. The table includes a net and post system.


  • No assembly
  • High quality
  • Easy storage
  • Professional bounce



  • Not waterproof




3-  Gosport ping pong table


gosport mini ping pong table

If you are looking for a fun and functional foldable ping table, Gosport’s mini table is maybe for you. Set it up in your apartment, office, house, pool for fantastic ping pong moments.

Moreover, It is small enough to store and practice anywhere

This foldable ping pong table is great for parties and BBQ. It folds up easily and comes with handles to carry it.

The dimensions are 6’x 3’ (playing mode) and 3’x3’x 4” ( folded storage mode)

The height of the table is 30” 

 The  height of the net is approximately 5 inches (12.75 cm)

It comes 100% pre-assembled for a quick set up so you can start playing straight away.

The frame of the table is in heavy-duty aluminum and the table surface is made with melamine  provides a perfect bounce.

You can utilize this table indoor and outdoor. Moreover It flattens quickly with carry handles. 

The table is sold with Free Bundle ( 2 paddles, 4 balls and a case)


  • Light
  • Easy to move
  • Doesn’t take a lot of spaces
  • Carry Handle
  • Quick set up
  • Comes With a small bag To Store Balls and Paddles


  •  The table can shift easily if pushed.
  • Not waterproof




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4- GYMAX Foldable ping pong table



foldable table tennis table

Another great home and outdoor ping pong table. A perfect special event gift for kids or adults. This table is very practical when you don’t have a lot of space for a normal table. Ideal to play with children on weekends or for a break with colleagues at work.

It is also multi-functional, you can also use it as a normal table for work or outdoor activities. It is easy to assemble. On top of that, it has a smooth surface. The frame is built out of lightweight aluminum

The table is made of sturdy, durable material, so you will use it for a long time.

This table comes with rubber handles which help to carry it.

Assembled Dimensions: 60″ L x 30” W x 30”H

Storage Dimensions: 31” L x 30” W x 3”H

Weight: 19lbs

You will also get a  Free Bundle: 1net ; 2 ping pong paddle and  2 Balls


  • Easy and fast to put together
  • Great foldable design
  • Easy to store


  • Can be unstable
  • Not waterproof, can’t leave it outside
  • No playback mode




5- F2C mini ping pong table 


F2c foldable ping pong table

This foldable ping pong table model has almost the same characteristics as the others. It is easy to assemble and store.

The table measures 72 “Length x 36” Width x 30 “Height.

When the table is folded, the dimensions are approximately 36 x 30 x 2.

It is separated into 2 parts which are fixed together with the net.

The playing surface is very good. However, it is not weatherproof, but you can still use it outside. Don’t forget to bring it back inside when you’ve finished your game.

It also has an anti-slide foot system which avoids marks on the ground during games.

The table comes completely assembled.


  • Good bounce
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Quick to assemble
  • Perfect for indoor play


  • No rackets and balls
  • The net is not very solid
  • Not weatherproof, do not leave it outside

Here are some tips to conclude:

 Choose equipment that is easy to assemble or disassemble, especially if you do not have enough space for its storage. You will be able to store it between two uses so as not to cause congestion concerns. This action should not exceed 5 min for a convenient table and, moreover, it is preferable to opt for a model whose installation doesn’t require outside help.

Favor the brands that offer accessories to bring you the necessary comfort during your ping-pong game: adjustable nets according to your height and tension needs, the presence of a storage space for balls and rackets, wheels to facilitate its movement. These must be fitted with brakes to ensure the stability of your table.

You can also check our best selection of outdoor ping pong table here.

Enjoy your ping pong game

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