Cheap Ping pong table: Our review

Finding a Ping pong table is one thing, finding a cheap ping pong table that doesn’t knock off on quality is a different ball game entirely. Luckily, you stumbled on this site because we promise you the best of the best and we’re going to walk you through on the top 10 cheapest ping pong table which still doesn’t compromise on quality.

1. Joola Tour 1500

ping pong table

Joola tour 1500 has everything you need in a recreational and family table with a slick Navy Blue design. This takes just about 20 minutes for the board to be assembled with a special halving system to “Break” it into half once it’s time for storage and it weighs 198 pounds.

This should even be the easiest to assemble out of all the others as the manufacturers made this a major priority. Some tables might require assembly time of 3hrs but this is done in only 20minutes.

Leg levelers:

The table comes with state of the art leg levelers which helps create balance and prevent any act of wobbling which will greatly interfere with your gameplay.

It also comes with lockable wheels to prevent undue rolling around during gameplay or even causing some injuries.


  • It comes with lockable Wheels to prevent rolling over.
  • Can be stored easily after gaming
  • Has a very beautiful design
  • Wobbling issues are no longer a problem as the leg stablers keep the board from shaking.


  • It is quite heavy – You need to be really fit to carry 198 pounds.



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2. Joola Motion 15

cheap ping pong table

Normally, a regulation table could cost you up to $1500 but let’s face it, that’s not why you’re here. What if I said you could get the same or rather close to the same value for less than half the price? Unbelievable right? Well, that’s why the Joola Motion 15 is the perfect cheap ping pong table to beat the description.

This ping pong table has an assembly time of 10 minutes and weighs About 140 pounds. It offers a 15mm surface thickness which is fair for tables around this price range, while it’s too thin to be used under ITTF standard, it is ultimately ideal for recreational and non-pro usage.

After play, it can also be split into halves for easy storage and for practice against oneself. When folded up, the spring-loaded latch keeps it in place and prevents accidental unfolding.

Nets and posts:

Although the nets may not be the best, after all, many people complain about the looseness of the clamps, it’s still one of the best you can find within this price range.


  • Doesn’t weigh too much
  • Foldable spaces to ease storage and practice.
  • It comes with lockable wheels to prevent rolling.


  • The nets and post clamps get loose easily.


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3. Kettler Competitor 3.0 Indoor.

cheap table tennis table

This cheap ping pong table has a tabletop measured with medium density to improve the ball’s bounce rate as well as outer edges protected by 1-inch aluminum reinforcement to prevent any act of warping during gameplay.

Nets can be adjusted for height and for tension as the board is equally waterproof and UV resistant. In addition to the previously stated, 1 inch round steel legs with anti-rust powder to prevent damaging of the legs has also become an added feature.

Rubberized wheels which are also lockable to prevent undue motion while play is ongoing and after gameplay, it’s folded back and kept neatly stored without even tampering with the already installed nets and posts. Dimensions are 108x60x30, an indeed cheap ping pong table that doesn’t do cheap things


  • Has locking mechanism on the wheels to prevent accidental motion
  • Folding and storing after a play is made possible
  • The legs won’t rust due to the galvanizing.
  • UV Rays and Water doesn’t necessarily affect it.


  • It’s a little wide if you’re very space conscious.


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4. Cheap ping pong table: Butterfly Compact 16

table tennis table

Where storage is limited, this rather cheap ping pong table is highly encouraged. Due to its 16mm playing top, a good bounce rate is produced and after play, the legs are folded. It comes with a butterfly clip net and post set, 3 balls and 2 nets.

Asides that, it has strong protective steel frames and 2 wheels attached to the 2 halves For portability. While in play, the dimensions are as follows: 275x153x77 cm And while not in use, the dimensions are:142x153x14 cm, imagine that difference and it has a net weight of 60kg.


  • It comes with it’s own set of accessories
  • Can be folded to preserve space after usage
  • Wheels attached to it helps ease mobility.


  • While the cons aren’t much due to limited review data, the only one right now is its heavyweight.



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5. Killerspin MyT4 lime:


killerspin table tennis table

Killerspin proudly brings you another fusion of class, style, and utter attention to detail with this beauty. It’s designed to look great and play even better due to some added features like a glossy green line to enhance the looks and built-in pockets to store accessories.

The table is suitable for a friendly game and also a not so friendly competition. In cases where a partner is nowhere to be seen, you can fold up half to practice those killer moves before trying it on someone.

Smart storage.

Like I said earlier, the board contains a pocket like feature to store accessories to prevent them from getting lost, destroyed, or hurting others. Storage has never been so easy!


  • Storage facilities for keeping accessories
  • Halves are foldable for storage and practice
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.


  • The storage works like a 2 edged sword; while it helps you store your stuff, if anything bad happens to the storage pocket, everything becomes lost



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6. Killerspin Myt4 Blu pocket

ping pong table

It just keeps on getting better and better in designs, convenience, and gameplay. The board looks great with the blue top, white frame, and red net. Killerspin products normally offer you great gameplay, spin, and bounce (this is not excluded).

Blupocket has a sister table named Myt4blackpocket which is also a great substitute to what is being mentioned.

It has a foldable frame and the legs adjust to the most uneven of surfaces be it tiles, hardwood, or carpet. Storage is easier, unclip the net and fold up in a compact position. It also has wheels that can lock in place and are also well lubricated too


With just 15minutes of assembly time, this is one of the major selling points here. You don’t need to be an engineer or spend hours reading the instructions, all you need do is screw in the appropriate screws in the right place and you’re good to go.


  • Very quick assembly time
  • Also very easy to assemble
  • Storage is made very easy
  • Safety is guaranteed due to the lockable feature of the wheels.


  • Out of all, this is one of the most expensive compared to the other cheap ping pong tables.



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7.Cheap ping pong table: Killer spin impact mini deep chocolate:

mini ping pong table

Looks basic right, well that’s just the looks, it’s actually a lot more versatile and can be played in even the smallest of spaces. Built to tournament standard, this surprisingly cheap ping pong table like its counterparts has an active UV block and a water-resistant property. 12mm thick stand, steel frame, and slick appearance will leave anyone who cares to look with mouths agape.

Size & Space

This table can be brought into the office, dorm, small houses and almost everywhere people can gather including a kids playroom. The size measures 49.2×29.5 inches as opposed to conventional regulation board of 9ftx5ft, even at that, the foldable legs reduce the space occupied when not in use.

Also, this helps level the playing field between competitors as a smaller adjusted board requires less physical and more mental work.


  • UV block helps prevent damages
  • Can work well In small spaces
  • It can be folded to prevent over usage of space
  • Also a very cheap purchase


  • Assembly time is longer than the rest.



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8. STIGA mini table black edition

foldable ping pong table

Coming up as number 8 on the list is a timeless board with a compact format and eye-pleasing design too. If you want to play table tennis at home but your house is low on capacity, look no further due to its small size and its ability to be folded and kept back.

In addition to the mentioned features, It’s fibreboard is 12mm and has a great finish with long-lasting nets – all in black color, it also has a board size of 125x75x72 cm and like I said earlier, it’s easy to fold up.


  • Easy to fold back up
  • Takes very little space
  • It’s very visually appealing (black is a beautiful color to use)
  • Cost is not a big problem – it’s actually very cheap compared to the rest


  • Even with the beautiful color, the design still looks very basic – too basic. (That’s probably the only observable con yet).



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9. Kettler Teenage Mutant Ninja: Cheap ping pong table for kids

Coming 9th on the list, this Nickelodeon themed cheap ping pong table is the best for children (I don’t think I need to explain why). This Easy folding board with levelers including 2 bats containing all turtle characters and 4 tennis balls, 15mm thick playing surface would consequently leave your kids screaming with joy.

That’s not all, the package length, width, and height is 53x33x3 inches.

the setup length, width, and height is 50x30x27 inches. It also weighs 50 pounds and carries a 1year warranty period too.

whether you’re a table tennis or ping pong player, Kettler always has something to suit your needs, it is also manufactured with aluminum to help it bounce more and resist harsh weather conditions.


  • Children will love this design so much
  • It’s the lightest board as regards weight
  • This model is the 2nd cheapest among the list
  • A 1year warranty has been provided to remove your uncertainties
  • The design prevents it from damage from the environment such as rain, sun, etc
  • It also comes with its own accessories too.
  • It can be folded and stored with ease.


  • Not too suitable for adults.


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10. Butterfly Family Table (apart from being the cheapest ping pong table, it’s also the lightest)

home ping pong table

Lastly; I can boldly say this is the cheapest one compared to the rest. It’s the best for anyone willing to play anytime, anywhere as a result of its steadiness.

It’s very lightweight and folds in half for easy storing and transport, it also comes with a net and post and can come with either a blue surface or a green one. The top is 12mm and can be tilted if a higher bounce is required in exchange for a slower game. Features include;

High versatility and easy to move around, no assembly required, 3yr warranty period, very easy to store and it comes with its own net and post set, 4ft 3 inches long x 3inch wide x 2 inch high. Storage dimensions include:2’3” high x 3’ wide x 3” deep and folding dimensions are:44 1/2″ x 28″ x 3″.

Finally Weighing only 44 pounds, it is the lightest among all.


  • It’s the lightest among all
  • Also the least expensive of the rest.
  • 3years warranty period
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • The most portable of all of them.


  • Even with the sturdy legs, it’s extremely lightweight makes it hard to withstand much push and pull force consequently



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