Hi, my name is Noah, table tennis is my passion

 I started to play ping pong at the age of 8 in the dining room of the family home. Then I quickly joined a ping pong club. Despite having difficulty obtaining quality equipments, I managed to become the best in my category with several titles won. My dream was to become world champion. So I joined a table tennis training center for 2 years.

During these 2 years I improved my skills and knowledges in ping pong. I practised every day with the best players. All these efforts have allowed me to live from my passion as a professional player for more than 10 years.

At the international level I participated in 4 World Championships. Manchester, UK (1997). Eindhoven, Netherland (1999). Paris, France (2003). Rotterdam, Netherland (2011) and many other international competitions.

Unfortunately I did not become World Champion, but I gained even more experience and met a lot of people. These are unforgettable moments

Thanks to the coaching’s diplomas that I obtained when I was a player. Today I continue to live from my passion by giving table tennis lessons to young players.

I decided to create this site because many friends regularly ask me for help with the choice of table tennis equipment. So I told myself that I could help even more people in the choice of tables, rackets or table tennis accessories.

Do not hesitate to ask me your questions, I will always be there to help you