10 Best Ping Pong Paddle

Getting a top-quality equipment could be the deciding factor between a glorious win and an eyesore-y disgraceful loss, ping pong paddle not excluded.

A good ping pong paddle-like every other quality equipment is difficult to source, luckily! You just stumbled on your solution.(The list isn’t arranged in order of importance because such data is difficult to source but be rest assured that you are looking at an accurate comprehensive list)

1: The Yasaka Mark V Racket;(The most popular ping pong paddle)

Mark v is one of the most popular table tennis paddle of all time. Tens of thousands of players all around the world use this special ping pong paddle including Olympic champion Ma Lin. It is an ideal tool for beginners and also experts.





THICKNESS:1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 (mm)

I greatly recommend you try this equipment, it didn’t earn the title for most popular ping pong paddle for nothing. Yasaka combines spin, speed, control to give you a terrific user experience, and a great value for your money.


  • Awesome control:
  • A very good tool for beginners and can also come thicker if you’re a great player needing less control and more speed.
  • Very Versatile:
  • This model fits with just about any blade.
  • One of the cheapest on the market.


  • It spins too much which could prove difficult for new players to learn.


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2: Yasaka Sweden Extra:

The Sweden extra offers a subtle combination between feeling and sheer power. It’s inner veneer is hard and the outer veneer is soft, giving players a wonderful haptic sensation.

Yasaka Sweden has become a long-lasting companion for tournament championship contenders due to its speed and dynamic spin for 2 decades.


  • Super fast delivery
  • Professional Design
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.


  • Not really ideal for beginners.




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3: Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Proline (The most expensive ping pong paddle)


Unlike the others, this is not really a cheap model but if you’re a big fan of super quality and your pocket really isn’t frowning, you could opt-in for this unique version.

This super lightweight beauty is made up of five materials namely; Koto, limba, Kiri, arylate, carbon. As a result, the combination enhances it’s firmness, consistency, and mechanical resilience, the lightweight makes it have a soft comfortable feel and puts in a terrific spin during showdowns. No matter your preference, you will always find a design out of its subseries to suit your needs.

In terms of stiffness, it comes with a stiffness rating of 2/5 and whether that’s a good or a bad thing is greatly dependent on your standards.

Stiffness opposes vibration; some players find vibrations distracting while others see it as a means of feedback. Also, In terms of hardness, it has a rating of 3/5 not to be confused with stiffness; hardness refers to whether it bends or flexes back on impact.


  • Ideal speed for players with offensive playing skills
  • Made up of highly durable construction materials
  • Top-quality construction giving it a high spin tendency
  • Impressive controls despite speed.


  • Very Expensive to afford and maintain
  • Quite difficult to get used to.


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4. Killer Spin Jet 800


They may be a relatively new company but they’re making waves already and I’m not really surprised why. If you’re in the store looking for a super competitive-friendly ping pong paddle, here’s what you should know about this brand.

One of the best and notable features about this is the Nitrx-4z 2.0mm rubber; this ITTF approved masterpiece creates power while maintaining control and spin too.

In addition to the carbon fiber make, it’s also made with 7plies which enhances its responsiveness.


  • It’s enhanced with 7 plies
  • It has a creative design to ease grip and handling.
  • The seven plies enhancement makes it harder.


  • It is quite expensive
  • This design may not be too conducive for all hands


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5. Butterfly Viscaria Proline

With excellent balance for bounce and flexibility, this ping pong paddle really lives up to its expectations and it’s price tag too.

It combines Arylate fiber features for lightness and shock absorption as well as Carbon features of elasticity. Measured as 5.8mm thick, has a head size of 157*150mm and weight of 87g. Suitable for professional players


  • It’s one of the lightest to use
  • The model has a good bounce rate


  • It is very expensive.



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6. Butterfly Primorac Carbon Proline

The Primorac belongs to the category of the Hinoki carbon blade. It is generally thick but designed with 5 plys to make it stiff.

Made with 2 thick layers of Hinoki wood and 2 inner layers of stiff carbon, they are heavy, super fast and have a great bounce to them.

Thick core, thick carbon, everything is just thick, even at that, its still soft and has a nice feeling- You could play all day without it seeming like a hard plank in your hand, the entire construction basically screams out the words “Rad.” This truly is the monster truck of the table tennis world.

The ping pong blade is not also lacking in terms of control as the handle design and the blade all contribute to a seamless experience. Seems to be very quick but hey, you can’t have everything! It’s also very stiff and thick so you don’t get much flex.


  • Very high power
  • The sweet spot is large.


  • Like I explained earlier, it’s very stiff
  • If you’re not so good, it will be hard to control.


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7. Joola Omega Speed

The color and design of this Ping pong paddle surpasses the elements sought after in a professional blade to enhance your gaming skills.

This model is very suitable for both kids and adults alike; the Omega speed has a thick 2 mm sponge present on the torrent 33 table tennis rubber develops your stroke by providing control and speed.

Materials such as Ayous, Abachi, and Limbs are joined together to form a perfect combination for increased speed and control. An ideal Ping pong paddle for your gaming room.

This version is driven towards recreational based players looking towards building up their skills and piloting it to the very next level, the blade is a five-ply combo of Ayous and Limba woods creating a 5mm thick blade.

Ayous and Limba:

Limba is indigenous to the tropical western Africa and is the Topspin wood of the Europeans. It is the outer ply because it has both flexible and hard feel enhancing the spin from players.

Ayous wood is elastic, firm, and lightweight which is necessary for players wanting to tire out opponents by keeping it in constant play. The combination of the two is needed by players who wish to control both the speed of the game and the spin too. Flared handle offers stronger grip too when you’re returning a shot (you don’t want to be at the other end of this Ping pong paddle).


  • It has a great grip due to the flared handle.
  • light and easy on the wrist to swing
  • Creatively designed and very aesthetically
  • Good value for money


  • The bounce it produces may not be easy to control to a novice.



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8. Killer Spin Jet Set 2 Premium

As the name “set” implies, you don’t need to go around wasting time, energy, and effort sourcing for extra accessories. Everything is ready for you; durable paddle material, double paddles and tennis balls – the only thing missing is another player! Suitable for beginners.

It is an upgraded version of the original jet set 2 pack but with way higher quality wood and rubbery parts too. The handles are nearly styled with brown and blue wood and flared for smooth handling and control


  • Nice and cheap for beginners
  • It comes with everything you need to start up immediately
  • Ergonomic design makes control very easy


  • Too many parts and accessories makes it easier for them to get misplaced.



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9. Joola Tour Case Expert Set

The Joola Tour Expert Case Set offers table tennis players a means of adequately moving the equipment around and storing it too.

The double snap lock opens quite easily, allowing you to secure your stuff from moisture and other elements without having to constantly force yourself into it anytime you feel like playing.

In addition, it has a huge molded handle for effective transportation and if it should fall, the thick EVA foam would soften the shock of the fall leaving your equipment unscathed. The case comes with 18Joola 3 star balls and 2 smash rackets.


  • It comes with a “shock absorber” to protect it from impact based damage
  • This model is also watertight, making your fears about water damage a thing of the past
  • The casing in this version make it easier to move around


  • It has some accessories which may get misplaced.


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10. Joola All-weather Outdoor Racket ping pong paddle

The last on the list but not the least; whether rain or shine, this version is built to resist all as well as withstand long hours of rigorous activities. They are built to last very long without peeling or chipping the material whilst offering steady protection against UV rays and humidity.

With strong grip rubbery surface and ergonomic design, each stroke can generate top or backspin. Dense raised outside rubber offers max control making this the most ideal for recreational activities, maximum fun, and training.


  • Huge protection against UV rays
  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor play.
  • This model is not very heavy
  • It’s also not too expensive
  • Very durable


  • Look too basic and not aesthetically pleasing.


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