10 best outdoor table tennis table

 Ping-pong is a sport practiced for both pleasure and competition. But in any case, this activity has many advantages since it allows you to work effectively with all the muscles in your body. Nevertheless, It is important to choose the right outdoor table tennis table for your practise.

In other words, if you want to have fun with family or friends, it is still necessary to respect a few principles before choosing your outdoor table tennis table. You need to have the guarantee that the selected model will perfectly match all of your requirements.

Here is a list of our top 10 outdoor table tennis tables of the moment.

1- Cornilleau 510 pro Outdoor

Cornilleau outdoor ping pong table

This outdoor table tennis table designed for intensive outdoor table tennis. It will allow people from the community to have fun and create a bond.

Static, solid, and stylish, the Cornilleau 510 pro Outdoor is one of the best fixed outdoor table tennis tables for school playgrounds, parks and campsites.

The panels are made of 7 mm high-density laminated resin. The table is designed to withstand bad weather (rain, snow, frost) and can be left outside all year round.

The ultra-durable resin panels are very resistant to impact and to racket knock. His painting is unalterable. This table has a MAT TOP anti-reflective treatment to reduce the effects of the sun by 10 times.

The frame is made of anti-corrosion steel/aluminum/zinc alloy. Its height of 60 mm ensures excellent flatness.

The table is static and can be fixed to the floor. It has 4 protective corners on each corner of the table guaranteeing maximum safety for children.

The curved base with fixing system on the ground makes it very stable

This table comes with a  steel net.

On each side, there is storage for 4 rackets and 2 ball dispensers.

This French brand table has a 10-year guarantee




  • The quality of the bounce
  • Static table with protective corners.
  • Robust table, resistant to shocks and bad weather.
  • Curved anti-corrosion steel base. Possible to fix to the ground


  • Expensive



Check price on Megaspin.net




2- Cornilleau 250 crossover outdoor

cornilleau outdoor ping pong table


If you are looking to play ping pong for leisure, with your family, cornilleau table is for you.

The gray 250 S crossover ping pong table is a Cornilleau bestseller. It has some characteristics similar to the Cornilleau 510 pro

 This outdoor table tennis table guarantees solidity and a very strong finish.

It’s excellent value for money

Weight: 64 kg.

Open table dimension: 170 x 155 x 75 (L x W x H) cm.

Carton dimension: 157 x 141 x 10 cm.

The panel is made of 5mm high-density laminate resin. It is designed to withstand bad weather (rain, snow, frost). The table can stay outside all year round.

A resin panel is above all very resistant (shocks, racket knocks, and unalterable painting.).

The panel benefits from a SOFT MAT anti-reflective treatment to reduce the effects of the sun by 3 times.

The frame is made of anti-corrosion steel/aluminum/zinc alloy.

Its 40mm height ensures good flatness.

This outdoor table tennis table has 16 automatic locking points, the highest level of security on the market. Thanks to its centralized release handle, located under the table top, opening and closing the table is very easy for one person.

The patented “Compact Technology” system ensures an optimal level of security (lower center of gravity, close shelf in storage position), ease of handling, and reduced storage space.

The legs are double 115 x 28 mm with steel insert. With its 70 mm diameter shoe, you can adjust the height of the feet to ensure good flatness.

This table has very good mobility with the help of large wheels (diameter 200mm), even on uneven floors. A double wheel is more resistant; it offers better stability at the table.

Places have been specially designed on the sides of the table to store two rackets.

 ​​A table top can be raised to train alone.

You can leave your table outside all year round, nevertheless I recommend to avoid windy places. A protective cover makes it possible to store the table optimally.

This table made in France comes with a 10 year warranty


  • Easy to move
  • Bounce quality
  • Stability
  • Easy opening/closing


  • May take a few hours to assembly



Check price on Megaspin.net



3- Killerspin MyT7 Breeze

killerspin t7 outdoor  table


If you are looking for a table with a mixture of style and quality, the outdoor tennis table from the American brand Killerspin has it all. You could share moments around this table with your family, friends or colleagues at work.

This table is more and more popular in several large American company offices

The table has a beautiful design, it is easy to assemble and store. At each end, there is an innovative storage pocket for balls and rackets. You can store more than 9 balls and 2 rackets on each side.

The table surface is made of aluminum and is weatherproof 

Moreover, the feet are adjustable, plus you can play by yourself.

Table measures 107.8 “L x 60” W x 29.9 “H inches

Weight: 170 pounds



  • Nice design
  • Good quality
  • Easy to store


  • Ball marks can appear on the table, clean them before use.



Check price on Megaspin.net



4- Killerspin My T10 Emerald

killerspin t10 outdoor ping pong table


The Killerspin Myt10 outdoor table tennis table is very similar to the MyT7. However, It  has the quality of a competitive ping pong table. Its 6 mm surface is made of plastic aluminum. It is completely weatherproof.

There is an innovative compartment for storing balls and rackets on each side of the table. You can put more than 9 balls and 2 rackets. No more chasing after the bullets.

It has 8 wheels of 75 mm which help to move it easily, in addition to that 4 of the wheels have brakes to stabilize the table.

With its solo playback mode, you will not be bored when you have no opponent.



  • Beautiful design
  • Weather-resistant
  • Simple to set up
  • High quality



Check price on Megaspin.net



5- Sponeta Joy outdoor table tennis table

sponeta joy outdoor ping ^pong table


The Sponeta Joy outdoor table tennis table not only impresses with an attractive design, but also with good playing characteristics. It has a 5 mm thick melamine board, resistant to humidity. In addition, the weather-resistant surface guarantees good ball bounce and fast play. The high-end melamine top and the solid frame structure allows an effective and captivating outdoor game.

The Sponeta Joy outdoor table tennis table is 274 cm long, 152.5 cm wide and 76 cm high.

The 4 robust double casters with rubberized surfaces are swivel. This table is mobile and can move easily from point A to point B.

Its SMS (Smart Manual System) locking system allows for easy assembly and disassembly

The net is adjustable in height and stretchable with a length of 180 cm and a height of 15.2 cm.

The table comes with bullet holders and racket holders on each side of the table.

The Sponeta Joy Outdoor Table Tennis Table has a 36 mm high frame and 40 mm thick frame. The solid and powder-coated frame structure guarantees stability and resistance.

This table is made in Germany is sold with a FREE BUNDLE (2 paddles, balls and a table cover)


  • Easy to use
  • Stable
  • mobile


  • Printed instruction can be confusing




6- Kettler outdoor table tennis table Axos 1

kettler axos 1table tennis table


 Axos 1 table tennis table has been specifically designed for fun outdoor use.

 It is made up of a 22 mm thick weather-resistant aluminum composite tray and a gray anti-reflective coating.

The 25 mm round tube structure allows easy mounting of the ping pong table.

The 2 steerable guide wheels and 2 fixed wheels will allow you to store your table easily after use. This table also includes a removable net.

The table is perfect for solo training, it is possible to deploy only one tray.

The dimensions of the table: (Length) 274 cm x (Width) 152.5 cm x (H) 76 cm.

On top of that, the table comes with free accessories (balls, 2 paddles, and Kettler cover)


  • Good quality
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to move and use


  • Instructions not very clear
  • Might be complicated to assembly



7- Joola Aluminium outdoor table tennis table

joola outdoor aluminium ping pong table


The Joola Aluminum Outdoor table tennis table is intended for recreational use.

 It is completely waterproof and has a safety lock system in the storage position to lock the wheels.

This Joola outdoor table tennis table will offer exceptional playing comfort to all ambitious recreational players.

Its simple assembly system will allow you to quickly enjoy your outdoor table tennis table.

Furthermore, with its folding system, you can store it and take it out in the blink of an eye without much difficulty.

Totally insensitive to bad weather, the table offers a 6 mm playing surface in aluminum-plastic composite

  Each half tray rests on 4 wheels –

The installation and storage do not require much effort.

Totally insensitive to weather (rain, sun, snow), this table offers excellent playing characteristics for demanding leisure players.

95% of the table comes assembled, it takes 15 minutes to assemble

Dimensions: Length: 170.2 cm, Width: 152.4 cm, Height: 50 cm

Weight: 58 kg


  • Easy to set up
  • Waterproof net and table
  • Easy storage
  • Good value for money


  • No storage for paddles and balls


Check price on Megaspin.net



8- Butterfly Easifold 16 Rollaway

butterfly easifold table tennis table


Looking for a great outdoor table tennis table at an affordable price?

Do you want to spend pleasant moments with your family? 

The outdoor table tennis table Butterfly Easyfold will meet your expectations. The 16 mm blue playing surface provides a very good bounce.

 The table is separated into 2 parts for easy transport and storage

Each part has 4 rotating wheels and 2 wheels on each side have brakes to help it stay stable.

A security system prevents accidental opening and closing of the table.

The net is supplied with the table for quick use.

We will also find the playback mode which allows to play without a partner

The dimensions of the table are: 275cm x 153cm x 77cm (9 ’long x 5’ wide & 2’6 ”high)

Weight: 75 kg


  • Ideal for family play
  • Easy to assemble
  • Separate into 2 parts, easy to store


  • Small wheels that can make movement difficult on thick carpet or uneven flooring
  • No storage for rackets and balls



Check price on Megaspin.net


9- Joola Externa outdoor table tennis table

joola externa ping pong table


The Externa outdoor ping pong table is perfect for public places: in playgrounds, campsites or hotels.

 Its polymer concrete surface makes it a very flat table without pores for an impeccable quality of play on this type of table.

This outdoor table tennis table from Joola has a fixed mounting, the feet are easy to assemble and it does not require any particular installation, only a flat surface.

 For maximum playing comfort, the Externa outdoor ping-pong table resists bad weather and very cold or very hot temperatures.

Weight : 120 kg


Length: 274.32 cm

Width: 152.4 cm

Height: 76.2 cm


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong and durable
  • Fixed table
  • Fixed net


  • The table is only guaranteed for 1 year, we recommend Cornilleau for a 10-year guarantee.
  • No ball-carrier and racket carrier
  • Can’t play alone


Check price on Megaspin.net



10- Donic outdoor roller 1000

Donic outdoor roller 1000


This Donic outdoor table tennis table is robust and efficient. It will resist bad weather (sun, rain, snow) and it is very compact.

Like any outdoor table, you will make sure to attach it when the trays are folded. Moreover, the wind is the worst enemy of outdoor table tennis tables.

The curved locking system makes it very easy to open and close the table.

Its 6 mm thick melamine resin plate offers a very good bounce to the ball.

This table is very stable thanks to its 50 mm metal frame and its 50 × 30 mm chassis in profiled quadrangular steel.

Like the Cornilleau outdoor tables, the net is fixed. It is much more practical than the removable nets with clamp that must be removed, and then put back each time you use it!

Thanks to these large double wheels, 128 mm in diameter, this table can be easily moved over rough terrain.

It is possible to fold only one side to play alone against the table like Forest Gump.

Weight: about 75 kg

Folded Dimensions: H61 “xW60” xD27 “

This table is German made and only has a 1-year warranty.


  • You can play alone
  • Ideal for ping pong with family or friends
  • Easy to move
  • Good bounce
  • Not very heavy


  • You cannot change the net
  • Long to assembly
  • No rackets and balls with the table




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