Ping-pong is a friendly sport that brings young and old together for games, serious or not. Ideal for those with a garden or a large space, choosing the right outdoor ping-pong table can become a real asset for people who love family games.

First of all,  the size of a table tennis table is regulated. Whether outdoor or indoor, the ping pong table meets the same dimensions of height (76 cm), width (152.5 cm) and length (274.3 cm). It is always made up of the tray, the covering of which will change according to use, the frame, the net (with a regulatory height of 15.25 cm) of flexible or rigid material depending on usage.

Your choice will therefore be determined by your need, particularly in terms of personal or collective use and also depending on whether the table tennis table will be fixed or mobile.

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Choosing an outdoor table tennis table for collective use?

You are a community, a campsite, a leisure center, a school … then your choice will turn to robust and stable tables made for intensive utilization. The quality of the game is not the priority. You will have the choice between mobile or fixed tables:

Mobile outdoor ping pong table


They have the distinction of being mounted on casters. So you can store your table when it is no longer used for a long time or simply move it easily.

We advise you to favor a 7 mm thick plate, a frame and legs in anti-corrosion treated steel as well as a rigid permanent net, less fragile and limiting the risk of theft.


Fixed outdoor table tennis tables

outdoor ping pong table, ping pong, table tennis

These tables are among the most robust since they offer a fixed but also very rigid base. The feet are perfectly adjusted using jacks. Weather-resistant (rain, snow, wind, sun …), they can remain fixed all year round and in all weathers. It is the ideal table for campsites, holiday centers, or communities.

 Table weight: about 80 kg.


Outdoor resin ping pong table



resin ping pong table, table tennis


You will also find very robust tables on the market suitable for communities and the disabled in wheelchairs. They are designed in resin and fiberglass for excellent rigidity, competitive bounce, and a very good lifespan. Moreover, these materials will also facilitate the cleaning of the table (with a high-pressure cleaner for example). These tables must be weighted at the feet with sand (approximately 300 kg per foot).


The best killersping ping pong tables


9 things to check before buying your outdoor ping pong table?



1)Type of outdoor ping pong table

The characteristics of the table represent an important criterion. With regard to outdoor ping pong tables, there are aluminum composite panels and melamine resin panels. Aluminum composite panels offer better ball bounce than melamine resin tables, knowing that: Amateur players don’t notice the difference. Cracks may appear in the aluminum cladding of composite panels; the wooden core is then no longer optimally protected. This is why we recommend melamine resin panels. These are inherently weather-resistant.

 2) Ping-pong outdoor table brands

Even though the supply of outdoor ping pong tables is vast, there are a few well-known manufacturers. So, we particularly recommend these brands

killerspin brand

Killerspin is an American table tennis equipments, accessories, and clothing brand based in Chicago. Thanks to the events they organize, the company is becoming very popular in the USA

They offer quality outdoor ping table models with attractive designs.


kettler brand

The Kettler brand has a good reputation in the field of recreational ping pong. Indeed, this brand is very popular because they also manufacture sporting goods, garden furniture, and toys. In the field of outdoor ping pong tables, Kettler ping pong table offers different models in a wide price range, knowing that generally, the top is an aluminum composite panel.



joola brand

Joola has existed since 1952 and specializes exclusively in articles for ping pong. Many table tennis clubs use this brand in tournaments. On the other hand, there are few Joola outdoor ping-pong tables on the American market.

sponeta brand

The company Sponeta founded in 1953 is the market leader in Germany. They also produces tables for other brands of outdoor ping pong tables such as Stiga, Donic or Adidas. Sponeta’s outdoor ping pong tables are made of melamine resin. Their price is affordable.


cornilleau brand

The French manufacturer Cornilleau is one of the world leaders and it is also in sports shops in the United States, clearly the recommended brand. Founded in 1946 as a carpentry shop, the Cornilleau company produces a high-quality, robust, and user-friendly outdoor ping pong table. Whether in the professional or amateur field, Cornilleau ping pong tables seduce with their high quality and attractive design

butterfly brand

Butterfly is a well-known Japanese company in the field of competitive table tennis. It has existed since 1950. This company also offers a wide range of very good quality outdoor ping pong tables

donic brand

Donic is an equipment manufacturer specializing in the field of table tennis. This brand of German origin offers a wide choice of table tennis tables for competition and leisure for clubs, schools, leisure, and ambitious players. Top-quality and excellent functionality.

3) Stability and mobility

 ping pong, table tennis

Choose the sturdiest table possible. Not only do the melamine resin tables withstand extreme weather conditions, but the material also protects well against scratches and bumps. This is why melamine resin panels are particularly suitable for families in which children sometimes use the table a little more. A stable frame with wide legs and cross struts further improves the quality of the table.

Also make sure that the table is easy to move. Tables with transport castors with wheels with double castors are the best to move around. Large wheels fitted with tires, as proposed by Cornilleau, facilitate transport on uneven ground. The Cornilleau outdoor ping pong tables come with a carrying handle, with which the table can be raised simply in the event of door thresholds or terrace borders.

4) Design of outdoor ping pong tables

The visual aspect plays its part, and even if you are not using the ping-pong table for the moment, it is nevertheless pleasant to see in the garden or on the terrace. The design of the table should therefore not be overlooked. Cornilleau outdoor ping pong tables in particular have a modern and unique visual appearance with curved legs and spacers.

5) Storage

You don’t normally use your outdoor ping pong table all the year. So you need to think about how you will reassemble it and put away. Therefore, check whether the table tennis table has an easy-to-use folding mechanism. It should be easy to use for children too. With its “DSI” system, Cornilleau offers a safe and simple solution.

 6) Security

mobile outdoor table, ping pong, table tennis

When buying an outdoor ping pong table, you should pay special attention to safety, especially if children will also be playing on the table. A simple locking mechanism is therefore important: The Cornilleau DSI system provides protection thanks to 4 safety locks. And in the event of a “race around the table”, protective covers in the corners of the table provide sufficient security for your children.

7)  Price

There are big price differences on the ping pong tables. Outdoor ping pong tables are available at advantageous prices starting at $ 200. However, they do not always meet all the requirements described here. This is why it is worth investing in a table of a certain price and of high quality with additional equipment. Of course, you will have to dig deeper into the wallet, but once and for all: Good tables last without problem for several decades. Recommended and popular outdoor ping pong tables sell for between $ 500 and $ 3000. As is the case for the Cornilleau Table Ping Pong Crossover 500M Outdoor.


 8) Assembly

Not all stores offer an assembly service because it always has a cost too. If you want to save costs, time and your nerves, you should be well informed about the assembly of the outdoor ping pong table. Regardless of the manufacturer, the assembly of the table is planned for two to three people and takes around two hours for novices. If your store offers an installation service and if you want to play the safety card, it is worth having a professional assembly carried out by an expert.

9) Outdoor ping pong table – Bonus

 ping pong table, ping pong, table tennis

Most of the ping pong tables from renowned manufacturers have a similar basic configuration. It is often the additional functions that make the difference between a very good and a good table. Depending on the model, the tables have different extras such as

– Ball holder and ball dispenser

– Net compartments

– Retractable nets with adjustable height and tension

– Height adjustable feet

– Corner protections

– Carrying handle

– Wheels with brakes


ping pong
table tennis

How do I know if I need Indoor or Outdoor?

The interior table is not weatherproof but an excellent bounce at a very attractive price. It should not be stored in a damp place (such as a barn or garage) as the playing surface would be quickly damaged. The outdoor ping pong tables, in addition to withstanding the weather also offer much greater longevity because they are very resistant to shocks. They can stay outside all year.

What are the main differences between the tables?

The main differences are the aspects of the table: increasing the thickness of the melamine on the table top, more imposing legs, wider frames, larger wheels. We can also find more options like the retractable net post or the Mat-Top appear for even more comfort of use.

Can I leave my table outside all year?

The answer is yes if you have a Cornilleau outdoor ping pong table. They are insensitive to the sun, rain, snow and frost and can stay outside, so we recommend that you use a table cover to keep it clean and ready to be used. This provides additional security for children.

Which ball color should I choose?

White or Orange is a matter of taste. For a blue table, we recommend using orange balls.

At what age can you start table tennis?

A child can start to learn table tennis from 6 or 7 years old. The tables have a regulatory height of 76cm, therefore accessible for children at this age.

Do all the tables offer the possibility of playing alone?
You can use all table alone. Just lower one board and leave the other in the high position you can play against.

How can I clean my table?

For indoor and outdoor ping pong tables, we recommend Killerspin MyT clean.

 How do I improve my table tennis skills?

To answer like a professional, there is nothing better to improve than facing a real person. You should join a club that teaches the basics of the sport. If you want to increase your performance, you must play against opponents with a higher level than yourself. In addition, daily training also helps to keep the urge and passion for the game alive while gaining power and dexterity. You also have to master each basic of the discipline like forehand, backhand, attack, defense, and spins.

 What is the size of a ping pong table?

For several reasons, you need to know the measurement of your ping pong table. A table tennis table for major competitions has fixed measures. If you have one with a size smaller than a competition table, therefore you can check this kind of detail on a product sheet or on a detailed comparison. For a championship table, it has a length of 2.74 meters and a width of 1.53 meters. As for the net, it rises to 15.25 centimeters and it divides the table in the middle. Finally, the height of the feet is 76 centimeters.

 Where does the name ping pong come from?

Table tennis has gained an image once it joined the Olympics Games in 1988. Before, a lot of people didn’t consider the game as a sport. Since its appearance in 1880, the game has undergone some changes in equipment such as rackets, tables, balls, but also the rules

The name ping-pong comes from a man named John Jaques, of British origin who worked as an equipment supplier. The word ping-pong is simply the onomatopoeia that most closely resembles the noise produced during a table tennis match.